• Larry_pinell

    Funny how nobody else reported that she spoke today. So this is all made up, I guess, like so many other reports of the details of her assault.

  • Bobjones2390

    Larry, you ignorant slut. It was in several major newspapers.

    Somebody needs to learn you how to use Google.

  • canadianguy

    The above comment is both infuriating and frustrating. How anyone could make such a foolish, ignorant comment about a reporter allegedly making up such a horrific story, should be completely and utterly ashamed. Did you think the Holocaust was made up as well? This female reporter, was brutalized, terrorized and assaulted. It is only the exact details that are not completely clear and for good reason. If you were attacked in this way, would you want the national press to know every gory detail? Perhaps if the person attacked was a male, it would be more believable? Pathetic…..

    • Tim

      dude if it was some Christian assault it would be front page every day

    • http://twitter.com/Keen_Obzerver Keen

      I think he meant Wizzbang made the story about Lara’s statemtent up.
      Wizzbang was heavily criticized earlier for publishing reports that Lara was “Raped vaginally 6 times, then held down and raped anally”, and that “the men surrounded her, and urinated on her”etc.
      Lara was never raped, according to her own statements.
      She was however violently beaten and groped.

  • Chris_hargensen

    Those gd men should be put down. So sick of male inflicted violence and rape against women. Why do they do it? Why are they such lowly animals? I say bring in more female reporters to Eygpt and all of these bloody middle eastern countries. You’ll never stop us. Also women need to have a definitive defense against such barbaric creatures. Something fast, something that will incapacitate…might I suggest poisonous fingernails? Mace isn’t fast enough. Guns and knives too dangerous and not fast enough (plus you don’t really wanna kill someone). I don’t know, I’m just so fed up with this shit.

    • Tim

      it’s called islam

  • Anonymous

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  • Karen

    Who did Lara Logan speak to…it does not say. I don’t believe the above article to be true without disclosing who is writing this.

  • maggie

    She should have known that she was at risk, their culture and view on western women is legendary. She was glory hunting in a dangerous place, she paid the price.

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