High Drama With FOX Animation

You might think that the animated shows over at FOX are just all fun and games. But, no way Jose. This is serious business here. And even though the low rated, but critically acclaimed AMERICAN DAD has it’s fans, FOX is looking around the corner for a new series with bigger ratings numbers to retire the series. Further, FOX has refused a full year commitment to the series as well. If this isn’t some handwriting on the wall, then I don’t know what the heck is.

In January, FOX will test run BOB’S BURGERS for a few weeks and see what it does ratings wise. If it’s a big hit, then say goodbye to AMERICAN DAD. FOX is also working on an animated version of NAPOLEON DYNAMITE with the voices of the original actors including John Heder.

FOX will likely throw the trap door switch on AMERICAN DAD as soon as a stronger replacement is found.

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