Playboy: Year of the Rabbit in Asia Brings Bunny Opportunity

Playboy, Year of the Rabbit, Asia

The Year of the Rabbit on the Chinese lunar calendar may be just the ticket for Playboy Enterprises Inc. The company opened a new Playboy club in Macau last month and is hoping to expand the Playboy brand through Asia.

Playboy hasn’t done so great in Asia in the past. Its been banned in China and the Muslim-dominated Indonesia just hasn’t been feeling the love for the non-burqua wearing Playboy Playmates. Those bunny tails just weren’t doing it for them.

Now that it’s the Year of the Rabbit, Playboy is hoping to turn that around, hoping that the bunny will be the in thing in Asia for 2011.

You can read more details here.

Here’s hoping that the Year of the Rabbit opens up a whole new market of bunny-tail wearing Playboy Playmates in Asia for 2011. Hugh Hefner may need it with a brand new young wife.

playboy year of the rabbit asia

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  • Paul Hooson

    Even in Japan, PLAYBOY faces some unique challenges. In post-WWII Japan, General MacArthur drew up a new constitution that specifically forbids pubic nudity displays. And, although PLAYBOY is far and away the most tame of any men’s magazine that depicts nudity, even in Japan it faces government censorship of pubic displays. And the legal system works far differently in Japan as well, so a legal challenge to the Japanese constitution is very difficult unlike here in the U.S. where judges may strike down laws as unconstitutional at will.

    Many men’s magazines both in the U.S. and Europe often now routinely depict sexual intercourse such as CLUB, HUSTLER, SWANK and many others, while PLAYBOY is still stuck with just doing tasteful nudity. However, in Japan, PLAYBOY will forever be stuck with the tight constraints of their constitution. Other magazines won’t even be allowed in, unless they print heavy censored versions. And this isn’t likely to change anywhere near soon.