GULLIVER’S TRAVELS Gets Shipwrecked In Big Christmas Weekend

Jack Black’s latest failed attempt at doing comedy got a little bit shipwrecked in this big Christmas weekend’s estimated box office draws. The simply awful, GULLIVER’s TRAVELS, pretty much got the ratings it deserved when it came in at seventh place with an estimated $7.2 million dollar take. However, the even worse, LITTLE FOCKERS, came in at #1, with an estimated $34 million draw, proving that some folks will pay good money to see absolutely anything. Good comedy pickings were scarce this weekend.

But, some audiences proved that they rather pay to see a good movie, and the excellent and Oscar worthy,TRUE GRIT, drew a healthy $25.6 million dollar take coming in at #2. Look for this strong box office take to build some real momentum for some Oscar nominations for the worthy Coen Brothers entry. The pretty fair Sci Fi feature, TRON LEGACY took in an estimated $20 million dollars for third place.

The latest film in the NARNIA series, THE CHRONICLES OF NARDIA: THE VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER, took in $10.8 million bucks. And hey, hey, hey, it’s YOGI BEAR with $8.8 million dollars.

And the Mark Wahlberg boxing film, THE FIGHTER, took in $8.5 million.

Some good films made some good money this weekend on one hand. On the other hand, more than a few folks were happy enough just to watch any sort of crap that was playing at the theater as long as it was new. Christmas was decidedly better for some folks than others.

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