Worst Christmas Gift 2010: Shake Weight

The award this year goes to that dumb $20 neo-phallic-shaped exercise toy that’s supposed to tone and shape the arms and shoulders with just a few minutes of jerking motions each day. Well, even SNL had a lot of fun with this one with a great parody that made it look like the very worst porn ever shot(and, believe me there’s been some really bad ones!).

Maybe, the Shake Weight actually works. Or maybe you’re just some weird guy who gets off watching your lady use this thing. Regardless, for the $20 asking price, probably lugging around the laundry or a gallon of milk at the supermarket might just do just about as much to tone up the muscles.

But, when all is said and done, nothing looks quite as silly as this thing being actually being used.

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  • Kevin

    Hey don’t jinx us. Presents haven’t been opened yet 🙂