The Little Hooters Girl

Well, it’s certainly not your little drummer boy here. No, not by a long shot. And, NOW(National Organization Of Women Who Look & Act Too Much Like Witches To Suit Me) is hardly amused that Hooters serves children in the California cities of San Francisco, San Bruno, Sacramento and Orange County. It seems that Hooters has classified itself as an adult entertainment business in these cities and counties, and NOW has filed police complaints and even may file lawsuits claiming that minors aren’t allowed in adult entertainment businesses according to the local laws.

And, I know that it must make some parents so proud when their little girls get to put on the coveted trademarked Hooters’ chicken wing bib or T-shirt that says to the world, “Future Hooters Girl”, but NOW says, “No way, Jose”. Kids shouldn’t be subjected to this they say.

So Hooters is caught in Mr. In-Between-Land here. They want to be known as a sort of adult entertainment business on one hand, but also love the cash flow that comes from hosting parties with families as though they’re sort of like Chucky Cheese, but with big breasts. And chicken wings, too.

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  • Mundane68

    The silly thing is, NOW was all okey dokey with COYOTE (Cast Off Your Old Tired Ethics) for years, especially in SanFran, where the headquarters was for COYOTE. Then sometime around the Messe Commission, the media pointed out that one of the aims of COYOTE was legalization of prostitution. Wasn’t exactly hidden either, but the women of NOW decided that nope, couldn’t be associated with that. It wasn’t ‘moral’. At which time, a whole buncha irony meters just asploded all over.

    For those keeping score: Abortion = ok, moral. Prostitution = not ok, not moral.

  • Woop

    For those keeping score: Abortion = legal. Prostitution = not legal.

  • Smiali

    Love hooters