Zara Phillips, Mike Tindall Engaged: Another Royal Wedding (Photos)

There’s another royal wedding in the works. Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall are engaged. Buckingham Palace announced their engagement today. Read more and see some photos of the happy couple below.

Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall

There must be something in the royal water in England. After a long dry spell of no royal weddings, or at least less high-profile royal weddings, we now have two to look forward to. The royal wedding fever is going into high pitch now I suppose. I’m guessing this is all we are going to hear for the next few months.

Last month Zara Phillips cousin HRH Prince William announced his engagement to his long-time girlfriend Kate Middleton (now dubbed Catherine Middleton). Now today, Buckingham Palace has announced that the Queen’s oldest granddaughter is engaged to her long-time beau, rugby player Mike Tindall. They’ve been dating for 7-years and live together in a house in Cheltenham. Phillips is 29 and Tindall is 32.

Phillips is following in the footsteps of her mother, Princess Anne and marrying a commoner. I guess that’s more acceptable over there these days. I personally think its good to get some new blood in the royal family gene pool, but that’s just me.

The Princess Royal (that’s Princess Anne) married Captain Mark Phillips in 1973 and then divorced him in 1992. She is now married to Vice Admiral Timothy Laurence. Zara is their oldest child. She has a younger brother Peter Phillips who married a Canadian, Autumn Kelly, in 2008.

Zara Phillips is a champion equestrian and Mike Tindall has played rugby for England 66-times. He is currently playing for the Gloucester club.

They just got engaged, unexpectedly, last night so no date for another royal wedding has been set. However, word is they will not marry before Prince William and Kate Middleton or anywhere near their April 29th wedding date.

Enjoy the Zara Phillips, Mike Tindall engagement photos below. Also below is a video of their engagement announcement.

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