Lee Harvey Oswald’s Pine Coffin Sold For $87,468

Maybe someone needed a last minute Christmas gift, and just didn’t like the holiday gift selection over at 7-11, so they spent an incredible $87,468 on-line for the simple wood coffin that accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald was buried in from 1963-81. Nate D. Sanders, the California auction house that offered the coffin up for sale refused to name the anonymous buyer, or what they even wanted the stinking coffin for. You know the aroma had to be lovely.

The brother of the accused killer, Robert Oswald, 73, is pretty angry about the entire auction, and wished that the coffin would have been destroyed years ago. But, after someone spends $87k on something, it’s highly unlikely that it will go out with next day’s garbage.

The auction house hoped to draw in bids of at least $60,000, so the huge $87,468 selling price was a complete surprise. And maybe it’s a sign of a better economy, if some folks suddenly have an extra $87k to throw around buying rotten pine boards. The auction house gets a 20% cut off the auction as well, only encouraging more terrible auctions in the future.

And hey, someone’s gonna wake up Christmas morning and be so happy when they get that Lee Harvey Oswald coffin that they asked Santa for.

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