Where Sugar Daddies & Sugar Babies Meet would sure like Kelsey Grammer to act as their celebrity spokesman. He’s their perfect role model they claim. He’s an attractive older wealthy man who loves the young attractive women. And, that’s what is all about, wealthy older men willing to spoil some young women who need help with rent, bills, school or other pressing financial issues. is a unique on-line dating service because it has eight times as many women on the site as men looking for women. Generally men have incomes in the six figures on up way into the millions of dollars to join. On the other hand, young women with serious financial need hope to land one of these guys to improve their lives.

Sugar babies even post some of the great gifts that they have received from their sugar daddy dates. These items include diamond watches, Gucci purses and expensive designer shoes, etc.

Hopefully, these mutually beneficial relationships result in real love. And if not, then at least two people had themselves a little fun.

Hey, if you’re an older guy, who’s not completely shopworn looking, and have a healthy financial account, and you love the young women, then you might consider joining and become one of their sugar daddies. And if you’re an attractive young woman in some serious financial need, and looking for a wealthy older man to help your life, and shower you with expensive gifts, then you might just want to become a sugar baby over at

Sounds like a win-win relationship for the right sort of people, huh?


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