Paris Hilton Sponsors A Motorcycle Racing Team

Paris Hilton is loaning her name to the sponsorship of an Aprilia motorcycle racing team. The SupermartXe racing team uses Aprilia R125 motorcycles with two stroke 125cc engines. With six speed manual gearboxes, these motorcycles perform far better than one might expect despite such small displacement engines. SupermartXe also has some 50cc class racers according to the team’s download link.

The Aprilia 125cc motorcycles are able to post an awesome 110mph top speed, and feature highly advanced aluminum frames and suspensions. For years, Aprilia has been the dream of many teenagers who wanted to enter sports bike racing.

Aprilia is one of seven brand names owned by the Italian company, Piaggio. And whether, Paris Hilton’s involvement with this motorsports racing team will lead to something big remains to be seen. And Paris Hilton doesn’t appear to be any expert on racing, as her Twitter account offers up this highly technical statement from the socialite, “I can’t believe I have my own racing team! So Cool”.

I know that highly technical jargon like this is hard for the lay public to digest.

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