It’s Lady Gaga Without Makeup!

If you’re a farmer in need of a suitable scarecrow, then you might just try this here one. It’s pop star Lady Gaga without makeup! Take away the outrageous costumes, the wild makeup, and well …. I guess not much is really left.

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  • Anonymous

    Not very funny. Pretty rude, actually.

  • So? She looks like a regular person. Part of the reason why I love her – she is an ordinary looking person with extraordinary talent and drive who’s made it huge. She wasn’t picked out of a lineup of cute girls to “develop” like all the other pop queens.

  • Why pull out a 3-year-old photo when she’s been photographed a lot lately with almost no makeup and bleached eyebrows? If you wanted to snark about her looks, why not use something current? Most likely, it’s because you’re too lazy to do any homework.

  • Mmonaco777

    She looks better, actually. How ’bout you?

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  • fdin

    hey- heres an idea – why dont you post something actually newsworthy. lady gaga has done more with her life and success than you have! and she is beautiful.