2010 IceBear Road Warrior Trike 1000 Mile Update

Why look like some major league broke dork in some cheap econobox car when it really doesn’t cost a lot to look way cool on the 2010 IceBear Road Warrior trike.? For only just about $4500 or less delivered to your front door, the Road Warrior continues to be an excellent value for the money compared to so many trike motorcycles or Harley conversions with prices way into the stratosphere.

With it’s decidedly Harley influenced styling, along with the custom engineered wild three wheel frame trike design, it quickly becomes a conversation piece where folks will ask you to sit on it as they fall in love with it. Not many motor vehicles for such a reasonable low price will draw this much positive attention. Even most motorcycles won’t either.

You can spend tons more money on some mega-priced sports car and not get a positive stroke anything like this custom trike brings. It’s a way cool old-school 60’s type biker custom trike for an absurdly low entry price. A fantastic value by any standard of measurement.

With it’s long rake to the springer forks, the Road Warrior continues to be far more easy to steer than it appears. And with practice, you get used to the interesting handling characteristics with three wheels, and the long forks. It’s far easier to ride than it first appears, and in a few days of practice, it becomes easy enough and predictable in any sort of traffic situation where this trike will become your favorite transportation ride no matter what you own. It’s as much fun as it looks.

Overall, the quality appears to a great value for the money, although the speedometer developed a problem and needed to be repaired after only about 100 miles. And the 5 speed manual transmission is far more easy to shift with AMSOIL synthetic motorcycle oil in the wet clutch system than just standard oil. But, for the low price I have few complaints.

In the future IceBear really needs to build some bigger displacement V-twin engines though. The chromed 250cc engine looks fairly impressive enough, and provides adequate enough power for this starter trike to move it along quickly up to around 80mph or so. And the trike even returns mileage comparable to some of those hybrid automobiles, but doesn’t look sissy like them. But, to be really taken seriously, IceBear needs to develop some higher horsepower V-twin engines. This company has a great unfulfilled potential here to build some good serious machines if they ever really want to. IceBear specializes in building trikes, which sets them apart from other motorcycle brands.

And the gas tank looks cool enough, and can easily be dressed up with some wild decals or paintwork if you wish. However, a larger tank is really needed to extend the range of this trike into a more serious road cruiser. Right now, as it stands the Road Warrior is much more of a city dweller or light highway duty toy. Both the small 2.2 gallon tank and 250cc engine limit this motorcycle considerably from a more serious motorcycle potential.

But, IceBear deserves a lot of respect for taking a two wheeled chopper bike design and creating this wild custom trike frame. This custom was built from the ground up as a completely new June 2010 model, and is a fantastic bargain as far as custom motorcycles go. It would be so easy to spend $50,000 to $100,000 or better to build some trike at home that looks similar to this wild custom trike. And it has plenty of chrome too.

The IceBear company has corporate offices in the U.S. and Japan, but has most of the production done in China to bring the costs way down. But, a typical IceBear product, whether it’s a motorcycle, scooter or ATV likely features parts from Japan, Taiwan and China.
At 1000 miles, the motorcycle continues to prove itself to be dependable and fun enough transportation that many hardcore motorcyclists think is cool enough.

Trikes are way cool. And IceBear builds great trikes for the money. And hey kids, take my advice here: Grow yourself a beard, get some leather on, get a pretty girlfriend half your age(I’m 55, she’s 27)and enjoy the ride. You’ll regret not doing it. Life’s too short.

BTW, you do know, it’s Christmas season. It’s not too late to turn some dude’s life around by giving him the gift of a 2010 IceBear Trike. It sure beats that Old Spice after shave lotion or tie you were planning to give.

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  • George

    Man I just got the 2011 model / I’m waiting for delivery! Any problems since the article with the 2010 model? Geomessler at hotmail is address! Mine is used with 150 miles on it, person sold it to me because they wanted to upgrade to something that has more balls/ speed) I’m okay with top speed, its just a cruise to work bike to save on gas! The person I bought it from said they did some upgrades to it! Better chain, mirrors,headlights and seat! Also said he worked all the kinks out of it in the 150 miles they put on it! Im hopeful! I got it for 2400$ I should save that in gas back and forth to work in two seasons!

  • R S

    I bought one of these for my wife. It was shipped in a metal frame crate from China through California. It took me a few hours to get it all put together and running. I would note here that there were no instructions and I had to just figure it out. It’s not hard. Basically, remove from crate, install the front wheel and brake caliper, the battery, mirrors, trunk frame and trunk, put air in the tires, add some gas, check the oil and fire it up, install the front fender. Then clean up the driveway and front yard.
    My first impressions are that the fit and finish isn’t horrible. The Lifan engine is actually a Yamaha Virago 250 clone. And I mean, exact clone. The workmanship is surprizingly good. The carb is a very good, brand name, carb. The frame of the Road Warrior isn’t bad. Some of the detail is not the quality you would find in the big brand names. It’s solid enough to do the job but, not the refined job of say, Harley davidson. The rear wheels are 12 inch wheels with low profile tires. The front wheel is an 18 inch I think with a Chinese tire on it.
    The power is what you might expect from a 250 that has been strangled down to try to meet California emissions. The carb is a shade lean and there are small catalytic converters located just before the mufflers. The rumor is that this bike is not yet legal in california but, they are hoping to have that soon. So, I have read that rejetting, opeing up the air box and free flow exhaust will get something like 15mph more cruise speed.
    They advertise this thing as having a 70mph top speed. That tells me they have never actually ridden one. My wife’s will maybe do 50mph flat out on level ground in bone stock configuration. It’s also no dragster from a dead stop. But, it is a 250 that get’s like 70+ miles per gallon. It’s actually kind of fun to ride around town and in the country back roads but, I wouldn’t put it out on the interstate even if I were to boost the speed. I did read that getting bigger rear tires really helps the feel of the handling so, interstate riding may be possible with some modifications but, right now I wouldn’t do it.
    Which brings me to handling. It’s a trike so, it doesn’t lean into corners. It requires slowing a lot down to make turns, at least for my comfort zone. The springer front end actually works better than I expected but, still not up there with the quality I’m used to. I have read that the raked out front end makes the ride better rather than worse but, I have nothing to compare it with as it’s the first trike that I have ridden. It is nice to roll up to a stop and keep your feet on the floor boards.
    Perhaps the strongest trait of the Road Warrior is that it really draws attention everywhere you go. People all look and seem to like the long chopper/springer look of the trike. It does stand out in a crowd.
    As a scooter it is very, very, good. As a motorcycle it’s not very good. If your expectations are looks, gas mileage and riding on lower speed roads you’ll love it. If your expectations are for speed and touring you’ll not be happy with a stock Road Warrior.
    Lastly, the price. You can’t find a decent motorcycle trike in this price range, not even close. I paid $3,700.00, brand new. Just a Voyager kit to add to a motorcycle to make a trike is $4,200.00, not including the motorcycle. If you want a trike you probably start looking at about $8,000.00 for a used motorcycle and a Voyager kit. You can buy two new Road Warriors for that price. Plus, the Road Warrior has a good look to it.

  • MunDane68

    In California, the CanAm Spyder is starting to show up a lot in my neck of the woods. Now, I realize that is a Bombardier quad made road legal, any idea how the one dive wheel, versus two affects the trike?

    • MunDane68

      One “drive” wheel…sheesh

      • Paul Hooson

        No, it’s got a transaxle and two wheel drive. It’s sure-footed in ice, snow, rain or leaves.

        • MunDane68

          Paul, I am pretty sure the CanAm Spyder has the two wheels in the front. Have you seen one?

          • Paul Hooson

            A Canadian neighbor of mine actually owns a Can Am. They’re what you you call a reverse trike with two wheels up front. In the UK some guy has built a couple of Honda Gold Wings with the extra wheels up front. This doesn’t look bad, and Hondas are extremely reliable as well. The suspension is pretty trick on those Can Am Spyders as well. Even more wild are those Piaggio MP3 scooters. Those have a super trick suspension that can lean at radical angles on corners, giving an awesome riding experience compared to the much more upright ride of most scooters or three wheeled motorcycles.

          • MunDane68


            I guess there is a small club of enthusiasts nearby, they went riding by one Saturday in July when I was taking my son to breakfast. One had what looked like a Ferrari F430 front end on it, and another was modded like the 50’s Corvette

          • Paul Hooson

            That one with the Ferrari-looking frontend sure sounds like the T.Rex from Canada. It’s a form of a sports car front end powered by a motorcycle, creating the most unique three-wheeled sportscars since the old Morgans from the UK. – The other with a 57 Chevy back end is the Boss Hoss, a pricey three-wheeled motorcycle powered by a Corvette LT1 engine. Very expensive, but a powerful and cool looking toy. Certainly both are Disney type E-rides!

  • Ellier Dov

    is this bad boy hard to assemble?

  • jobrazen

    Paul Hooson, Whatever happened to your 2010 IceBear Road Warrior trike. I would like to know your story with it now in 2017. Thanks. Joe.

    • David atkinson

      I just bought one of these trikes used from someone not too long ago trying to get some info or anybody else might have one

      • Roger Ash

        Hey david,wondering how is your trike doing? I am thinking about getting a 2010 with only 1,300 miles on it but I get alot of mixed reviews so what should I pay for it or even buy it?any information will be appreciated