Sex Tape Or Not, Naughty Celebrity Kids Like Athena Batista Have It Good These Days

No doubt, WWE super star Dave Batista is very unhappy that his 18 year old daughter, Athena Batista, decided to have some wild sex with some guy while someone held a camera to film the whole event. But, at very worse she probably gets a big lump of coal for Christmas and a few less words are spoken for the holidays for doing the sex tape. But, that’s a darn sight better punishment from the parents than some celebrity kids can remember. Some celebrity parents used to get downright draconian like some Medieval executioner on their kids according to some biography books that have been written.

Bing Crosby seemed like the perfect dad to just about everyone at one time. Except, if you were one of the Crosby kids, where Bing was more like the legendary torture chamber type. Gary and Dennis Crosby both remember studded leather belt spankings that lasted until Bing drew the first few drops of blood. In his book, GOING MY WAY from 1983, Gary gives some bone-chilling accounts of Bing Crosby’s home discipline. Even SNL once had a skit that made jokes about the legendary harsh discipline in the Bing Crosby home.

Joan Crawford’s daughter, Christine, recalled one heck of a childhood in the book, MOMMIE DEAREST, where Faye Dunaway portrayed probably the most outrageous and abusive mom in all of Hollywood at one time.

And even Farrah Fawcett could recall her father giving her more than a few good Texas-style leather belt whippings whenever she was a bad girl while growing up. And Pat Boone used to use his interest in church, religion and all things God, to justify giving his beautiful daughters like Debbie Boone more than a few good hard spankings as well while growing up. Even at the age of 18, Debbie recalled her father giving her some good old fashioned “Biblical” home discipline.

According to her mom, some celebs like Miley Cyrus did get a few of those run-of-the mill home spankings from mom while growing up. Nothing too special compared to some of the worse stuff in some celebrity homes.

But, the all time worse of draconian home discipline for a celebrity kid has to be the story from sex kitten Brigid Bardot in her biography book. Brigid and her sister were rough-housing around the French Bardot home, and the two managed to break a very expensive vase that belonged to her dad. He was so outraged that he gave both girls an incredible 50 stroke caning from one of those old fashioned English school type canes. That probably hurt major league big time.

Most celebrity kids probably get grounded at worse these days, which is probably a major advance in child welfare. However, more than a few celebrities can recollect some pretty rough and abusive childhood stuff in their biography books or interviews.

On the other hand you have some kids like the DIFF’RENT STROKES kids, where the kids grew up to graduate to arrests for little things like armed robbery, domestic violence, shooting drug dealers or dying from a drug overdose. So maybe Dave Batista needs to take things with a grain of salt that his 18 year old daughter could have done far worse things than just having sex on camera with some guy. It’s not good. But it could have been much worse.

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