Kate Middleton Lunches with The Queen: Royal Wedding Preparations

Queen Elizabeth II

Kate Middleton and Prince William joined Queen Elizabeth II for lunch on Thursday. It was the Queen’s pre-Christmas lunch at Buckingham Palace and this year Prince William’s bride-to-be joined with the rest of the family.

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The Queen has this Christmas party with her family before she leaves town for the holidays. More than 40 members of the Royal family were in attendance. The fancy luncheon is said to have lasted about 2 and a half hours after which Kate left in an official SUV with Prince William and Prince Harry.

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According to Radar Online she looked ‘supremely happy’ when she left the luncheon. That is an indication that she is comfortable with the Royal family or at least hold her own with them. Some think including her in these events is all part of the Royal wedding preparation to determine whether or not she can handle being a Royal. I think its just what one does when there is a new member of the family. They ARE to be married in just a few short months after all.

Prince William will be on duty in North Wales for Christmas so it is not yet known if Kate will spend Christmas with her family or will Prince William at his duty station. She will not be spending Christmas with the Queen and the Royal family at Sandringham House in Norfolk, England.


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  • I’m happy for the royal couple. They look perfect together.

  • Getting to know the family is really important for a couple planning to get married. I’m glad the royal couple are loved by the royal family.