Real Toys For Real Men: Rewaco Trikes

Las Vegas based Rewaco Trikes, LLC has to be one of the finest high end producers of great custom trike motorcycles. Some models such as FX6 with the big rear mounted chromed Harley V-twin engine, are simply rolling art. And special options for handicapped riders are even available, making Rewaco brand trikes friendly to these riders, who may include disabled military veterans.

Some huge trike models such as the RF1, seat three, and are like a luxury car version of a trike. This model is a really big production, with a long wheelbase.

Naturally, Rewaco products don’t come too cheap. But, you get awesome quality products that are actually a good value for the asking price. This company is so good, that wealthy motorcyclists the world over, especially in Britain and Germany, are huge fans of this brand and sales are brisk over there. If you have to ask the price of some great products, then you probably can’t afford it. But, there’s no substitute for quality.

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