Disney Star Demi Lovato Shows Her Wild Side

Well you already knew that, what with the whole punching of backup dancer Alex Welch, and her trip to rehab.  What you didn’t know is that she got a little “nasty” with her crew on the road.  A picture surfaced today of a stacked Lovato playing around with some of her crew this summer.  That appears to be Welch in the lower left.

Either way, she’s *ahem* all grown up, as is plainly evident.

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  • I love Demi! And considering she comes out of the TREATMENT CENTER and NOT REHAB as you write, in three days…well i’d say someone is trying to bring her down and make a fuss >.<' I find these pics normal…it's something girlfriends do 😉 I do it with my friends and i bet every girl does it 😉 It's not like they're having sex! And i like her wild side! And before you start…i'm straight! K? Bye 🙂

  • Samb8943

    She is already in rehab – cut her some slack!

  • Bblank627

    Looks photoshopped…. she’s smaller than that

  • Frenchopr

    I think it’s photoshopped, I mean if u look at the photos of her in a bikini from June, there no way u can change ur body that fast. This must have happened between August and November, and it’s a little impossible 2 change ur body. And if it is real, then cut her some slack, any teenage girl does that, it’s not like she’s having sex… If u think hard who leaked these photos, u say it wad Alex Welch, i mean she is the one with the fiery red hair, so maybe she leaked the photos 2 get back at her; lsince she just found out if she sues Demi she won’t win, I mean, come on, 1,000,000 dollars 4 a punch in the face?? It’s not like it’s anything serious, just a shiner..

  • Shelly101

    Its 100 % not photoshoped look at her erotic expersshion in her lipsface .