Catherine Ommanney: Real Housewives of D.C. Romp with Prince Harry?

Catherine Ommanney: Real Housewives of D.C. Romp with Prince Harry? That rumor went around in 2006 and has been revived with rumors that Prince Harry sent chaur

Catherine Ommanney

Stories of a Royal romp between Catherine Ommanney of The Real Housewives of D.C. and Prince Harry have resurfaced. The rumors first circulated in 2006, when the then Catherine Davies told of having a ‘lovely’ kiss with Prince Harry at a party. It caused some friction between Prince Harry and his then girlfriend Chelsy Davy because they were ‘on’ at the time in their long on-again, off-again relationship.

At the time, Catherine said:

“He was holding me off the floor, kissing me. I was absolutely speechless. I was against the wall, and he literally lifted me off the floor and gave me a lovely kiss which I was stunned by.

“It was a lovely kiss… Afterwards I didn’t say anything. I was genuinely, completely blown away.”

Now the stories have resurfaced since Catherine Ommanney’s then nanny, Monica Herrero, has recently talked with Radar Online. According to her story, the relationship between Ommanney and Prince Harry wasn’t just that one ‘lovely’ kiss.

‘While I was living with Catherine a car with a chauffeur came for her twice. Her daughters would tell me: “This is the car that Prince Harry sends for mummy.”

‘Although she was my boss, when she was really happy she would share things with me, like what happened with Prince Harry. She would show me messages that he sent her, and she said he wanted to take her hand and travel around the world. Catherine told me that one time that she kissed Prince Harry in a bathroom.’

This was supposed to have happened in 2007 when Catherine Ommanney was Catherine Davies, before she married Charles Ommanney and moved to the United States and joined the cast of The Housewives of D.C. At some point during this she became known as Cat Ommanney. She has since divorced Ommanney and is said to have sent her daughters back to England to live with their father.

Prince Harry’s people deny the rumors and I’m thinking she’s probably not going to be invited to Prince William’s wedding. Just a guess.

There are also rumors that Cat Ommanney has a scandalous past.

More pictures of Catherine Ommanney below as well as a video of her dissing other Real Housewives of D.C.

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