The ill-fated FOX comedy, RUNNING WILDE, has been pulled from the schedule for the second time since November. FOX claims it will run the remaining five episodes at some point, probably during the Summer dumping ground period for canceled shows. Bad reviews and ratings plagued this show, which did at least try to tread new ground as a comedy. Last week, an episode with a comic knight theme was at least acceptably interesting and ran in the 7:00pm hour time slot before a new SIMPSONS episode. But, even that fairly decent time slot didn’t help the sorry series very much.

Will Arnett(the husband of Amy Poehler) and Keri Russell star in RUNNING WILDE which at least is a well produced, but a critical failure of show. One critic seemed to think that the show had showed some promise, but simply introduced way too many confusing “moving parts’ to really fit all that well together as a cohesive piece. But, Will Arnett has proved the intelligence to be able to produce a good product if he can create a better package for those ideas. Arnett is yet to hit gold on his own since his roles as a supporting cast player on ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT or 30 ROCK.

It’s back to the drawing board for Arnett and for FOX.

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