Athena Batista Sex Tape Scandal at WWE

WWE Super Star Dave Batista’s 18-year-old daughter Athena Batista is in a sex tape scandal, reportedly. You can read about it below.

Athena Batista

Athena Batista is the 18-year-old daughter of Dave Batista of the WWE. There are reports that parts of a video have hit the internet today. Her father is current training for an MMA debut and filming ‘Scorpion King 3’. This can’t be good news for him. Or can it?

Rumor has it that Athena and her boyfriend Justin Miller put the videos out themselves and are planning to put out more.

You can see parts of the video at World Star Hip Hop, but be warned it is definitely NSFW. The video tape snippets show Athena with a guy who is said to be her boyfriend. Its not a show you’d want your kids to see.

The thing is, since Dave Batista is in-between jobs (so to speak) does this kind of thing help or hurt his career. Then again, will the Athena Batista sex tape scandal boost her into a career of fame and fortune and reality TV ala Kim Kardasian. Or will nothing become of it at all?

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  • Ransting

    The picture you have posted is not Athena Batista btw, its a nashville valet who has no relation to batista.

  • Thanks Ransting – I fixed it.

  • randomguest

    i saw the tape at worldstarhiphop. she looks nasty & fat, but dang that white bf of hers is packing!

  • Ebhell1

    I love west ham united fc

  • Ubuiyd

    Saw the clip, she sure knows how to suck 😉

  • Anonymous

    The cinematographer should be fired.

    — MrJM

  • Paul Hooson

    Father has to so be proud of his naughty 18year old daughter. You know who’s getting a big lump of coal for Christmas.

  • Harry

    Saw the clip too. Wow, Ubuiyd is right, she knows how to suck and shes a pretty babe too :p.
    To bad she got a skunk for a BF, she could do much better.