The 1000hp Supercharged Hemi Rocket II Trike

Even Jay Leno is very impressed with this awesome 1000hp Rocket II trike. British expatriate sculptor Tim Cotterhill who now lives in California, had some sketches in mind for about 30 years of his dream machine and was able to see his dream brought to life as this awesome machine. It builds on his previous Rocket 1 creation, a Honda CBX1000 six cylinder powered three-wheeler.

The Rocket II features a 426 Hemi with a BDS 8-71 blower, with the obligatory two spark plugs per cylinder design. The bike has been driven up to 160mph, and even includes a Simpson parachute if you need a little more slowing power than just mere brakes can provide. With the big Mickey Thompson rubber, the Rocket II, returns just 3mpg, proving that some dream machines might require rather frequent refueling.

As unique as the steering looks on this big boy toy, it actually steers beautifully in a straight line with no side pull when you change speed.

Strangely, the beautifully machined fins on the trike come from an aircraft salvage and metal crusher business that were actually bomb casings. Yet, they flow beautifully on this wild creation. And to an experienced car spotter, the ’59 Caddy taillights might be immediately recognizable as well. And a trike this fast will usually be seen from the back as it leaves you behind in traffic.

What an ultimate toy.

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