Lucy Lawless Return to Spartacus: Gods of the Arena (Video)

Lucy Lawless is set to return to Spartacus: Gods of the Arena. She’s been spotted in the trailer for the show’s second season. It is hot, sexy, violent and bloody. All the ingredients for a fantastic show. See the video below.

Lucy Lawless

From the looks of the Spartacus: Gods of the Arena second season trailer the sexy Lucy Lawless has returned as Lucretia. The second season is set up as a prequel and will stand-alone so that if you missed the first season, you will be able to follow the second season with no problem.

The show’s producers say they want the show to be as realistic as possible and haven’t shied away from the gruesome bloody violence. It IS about gladiators after all.

Lawless, the New Zealand native and former Xena: Warrior Princess, plays Lucretia and is right in the mix of sex and violence. Spartacus fans are excited to have her back on the show.

The second season will air on Starz network premiering in January 2011. There are only six episode. Watch the video trailer below.

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