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01 Bad Doors Man

Here’s a turn of the tables here. Instead of offering a review of someone else’s music, I’ll share a song of mine. As a kid I was really influenced by both MAD Magazine and in later years, by The Doors. By 1978, I was the lead singer of the punk rock group, The Inputs. The result was this rambling mess of a funny jam session piece, “Bad Doors Man”, which borrows ideas from too many Doors’ songs to mention here. And the music even sounds a little bit like “The End” and “When The Music’s Over” in a stupid way. The song is even a mock Doors epic 8 minute 3 second type piece as well.

One listen to this outrageous mess of a song pretty well explains why many people walked out of the clubs by the third song when we played or bought food to throw at us. Many club owners never asked us back again to play.

Strangely, Courtney Love and her then boyfriend, Rozz Rezabek lived in Portland at the time and urged the band to give me the heave ho as lead singer and as a song writer, and renamed as Threater Of Sheep, the band had some success and issued some albums and a cd.

The real standout on “Bad Doors Man” has to be guitarist Jimi Haskett. The guy was one of the greatest guitarists to come out of Portland, although the distraction of my horrid singing and lyrics may mask that fact. He was a great guy to work with, and I’m forever grateful to him for giving the opportunity to be the frontman for his group. Why such a talented musician gave me the opportunity to front his band with my awful singing and absurdly silly lyrics is still a mystery to me. But it gave me the opportunity to be like the Weird Al with an edge. And that was so cool while it lasted.

Hey, better leave music to the professionals.

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