Real Toys For Real Men: The Eastwood 110volt MIG Welder

Eastwood makes some great welding units for a low price. And a great gift for that real man on your shopping list is this entry level $299.99 MIG welder capable of welding together 1/4 thick, 24 gauge metal. The big advantage here is that this unit plugs into your regular 110 volt house or garage current. And, if you want more welding power(like, who doesn’t), then spend $599.99 for some nicer and bigger models made by Eastwood.

Eastwood quality is legendary. They make great stuff. You can’t go wrong with Eastwood.

BTW, Eastwood has an interesting on-line poll going on where 41% of respondents claim that they name their cars, and another 19% name the one’s they care about. That’s some guys that love their cars.

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