Hasselhoffs Canceled After Two Episodes!

David Hasselhoff can’t catch a break. First he gets voted off Dancing With the Stars and now his reality show, The Hasselhoffs gets canceled after just two shows.


A&E television network pulled the plug on The Hasselhoffs after just two episodes because, well, no one was watching it. It had less than a million viewers and I’m betting even a big portion of those viewers had just left it on that channel when they fell asleep in front of the television set while watching whatever came on before it. The rest were in Germany, no doubt. They love David Hasselhoff in Germany. I don’t know why. He sings there and people go to watch him live in Berlin.

The former Baywatch and Kit The Talking Car star will continue to be a judge on America’s Got Talent and being a sex symbol singer in Berlin, no doubt. Hope this doesn’t precipitate further drunken cheeseburger incidents. Then again, that would be more interesting than watching him set his daughters up in business on ‘The Hasselhoffs’.

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  • Paul Hooson

    Well, it certainly restores my faith in humanity seeing that viewers have enough discernment to realize that this show was complete trash. I guess the Hoff will just have to go back to being drunk lying on the floor now.

  • Dinah Lacey

    I think that this “article” is atrocious! How dare you judge a man who has done nothing but work hard to fullfill his dreams. He is an achoholic, has gone in several times to try and remedy it; but, “fails”…. and America turns it’s back? David Hasselhoff is an ICON in the American (as well as Europe) industry, yet they turn their backs? NOT ALRIGHT!
    How MANY American actors’ transgressions have we forgiven and forgot?.. yet David H. is persecuted????
    Not okay!
    I object to the slander of his character. I hope he can fight it…. and with OUR (the fan’s) help, he can!