• Paul Hooson

    Well, it certainly restores my faith in humanity seeing that viewers have enough discernment to realize that this show was complete trash. I guess the Hoff will just have to go back to being drunk lying on the floor now.

  • Dinah Lacey

    I think that this “article” is atrocious! How dare you judge a man who has done nothing but work hard to fullfill his dreams. He is an achoholic, has gone in several times to try and remedy it; but, “fails”…. and America turns it’s back? David Hasselhoff is an ICON in the American (as well as Europe) industry, yet they turn their backs? NOT ALRIGHT!
    How MANY American actors’ transgressions have we forgiven and forgot?.. yet David H. is persecuted????
    Not okay!
    I object to the slander of his character. I hope he can fight it…. and with OUR (the fan’s) help, he can!

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