Paul Rudd And Paul McCartney Do SNL

Paul Rudd and music legend Sir Paul McCartney will give SNL their very best shot tonight. Comic actor Paul Rudd will appear in support of the new film, HOW DO YOU KNOW, which also stars legend Jack Nicholson and Reece Witherspoon . Paul McCartney is also expected to appear in support of the great new reissue of the 1973 masterwork album, BAND ON THE RUN, which has been reissued as a deluxe three disc set that includes a feature film DVD as well.

The BAND ON THE RUN reissue was given a very good review here a few days ago, and is a highly recommended Christmas gift.

Expect a few memorable laughs when SNL goes wall to wall Paul for some great jokes and music tonight. Few details have leaked out about tonight’s episode, so apparently some big surprises are being kept under wraps tonight for maximum surprise. Even by SNL standards that’s unusual, probably meaning this will be a great holiday gift for SNL fans. Jeff Bridges hosts next week, then SNL takes the holiday off.

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