HIV Scandal Closes Clinic Meant To Protect Adult Entertainment Actors

AIM(Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation), a clinic meant to make the adult film industry safe for the actors was shut down by California health authorities after a 24 year old actor who starred in both Straight and Gay adult films complained about poor treatment after he contracted HIV in October. It wasn’t immediately clear whether the actor contracted the condition because of his work in adult films or from sexual activity in his private life, but actor Derrick Burts complained to Los Angeles health authorities claiming that he got hung up on when he called AIM for medical help for his new HIV condition. Burts believes that adult actors need to wear condoms while performing in adult films. Six years ago, another HIV scare in the industry led to many films being produced with performers wearing condoms, but customers of adult films were unhappy with this practice, and condom use started to disappear once again with the adult industry using the AIM clinic to help make the industry safe for the actors.

Evolving “community standards” conditions make most depictions of sexual intercourse legal for sale in most adult oriented books, magazines and films sold in most U.S. states and cities right now, where not only the adult films, but many mainstream men’s magazines also depict sexual intercourse now. At one time, many mainstream men’s magazines such as SWANK or others wouldn’t even depict bare female nipples, let alone full intercourse. But, that’s the nature of evolving “community standards”, where depicting some sorts of sexual activity might be considered a serious “obscenity” crime one year, but as constitutionally protected free expression a few years later.

This latest HIV crisis problem for the adult entertainment industry could once again pressure the industry to mandate condom use for the actors. But, in real business terms, this recession-damaged industry would only take another big financial hit if this should happen. Customers like their porn much better without condoms. But, this might put the actors in some danger. Expect a big debate about this in coming weeks. If government can force alcohol drinks to remove caffeine, then government mandated condoms could be just around the corner.

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