Westboro Baptist Church to Protest at Elizabeth Edwards’ Funeral

Westboro Baptist Crazies will protest at Elizabeth Edwards' Funeral

The Westboro Baptist Church wackos are providing more evidence of their anti-Christian ideology by protesting at the funeral of Elizabeth Edwards.   They released a note stating:

“WBC will picket a respectful distance from the funeral of Elizabeth Edwards who split hell wide open on December 7, 2010.”

The WBC folks criticize Elizabeth Edwards because she did not recognize faith in God as helping her through her difficulties throughout her life – the death of her teenage son in a car accident, her husband’s infidelity and her battle with terminal cancer.

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  • Paul Hooson

    This “church” remains a sick personality cult of their founder. Protests like this make make this one of America’s most hated organizations. John Edwards sometimes behaved like a real piece of crap, but his wife was a far better person and deserves proper respect.