Fired Santa Might Sue The Pants Off Macy’s

Call Macy’s the grinch that stole Christmas this year. But, in supposedly liberal San Francisco, a longtime Macy’s Santa got himself fired for a little dirty joke that he’s been telling adults for years. Now, 68 year old John Toomey might be getting some legal help from a top human rights attorney for wrongful job termination and Macy’s might be getting a big lump of coal for Christmas.

The joke that Santa told the couple went something like this. Santa asked them if they were good this year. They claimed that they were. He told them that was too bad, because Santa is “so jolly” because he “knows where all the bad boys and girls live”. The couple seemed fine with the joke, but then upstairs to the business office to file a complaint. Later, the longtime Santa was told to hit the road, Jack. Don’t come back.

Despite being retired, Toomey insists that he works seven days a week despite being close to 70. But, it appears that he misses his gig as Santa at Macy’s. Yeah, a big lump of coal to those folks this year for giving Santa the shaft.

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