Those Controversial Auto “Performance Chips”

Some companies are marketing what they claim to be automobile “performance chips” making claims of up to 60hp increases as well as several more miles per gallon. However, tests of these claimed devices sometimes turn up less power and mileage both, as these claimed “performance chips” often turn out to be nothing more than a POS resistor in a little box with wires that is spliced into cars on-board computer control.

One company, GForce, even sells a claimed “performance chip” for the 1975 AMC Pacer cars, which seems rather remarkable considering the fact that 1975 AMC cars didn’t even have an on-board computer unit to regulate the engine. And many of the claimed “performance chips” look nothing like a normal integrated circuit chips and are quite similar to the packaging with two wires that SLR uses. With all of the different voltages required to power each leg of a normal IC, a big question is how is just two wires even supposed to work.

One positive note is that does have a pretty good Better Business Bureau rating though of A- because they always seem to make refunds when a consumer is unhappy with a product. But, before you send $69 for a claimed automobile “performance chip” you might want to better check out the product and see what you’re really getting for your dollar.

With automobile companies spending up to $1 billion or more to develop new models, and increasing government requirements to produce higher mileage, the question is why how can some small companies claim amazing breakthroughs that the big auto companies aren’t capable of producing. You need to be wary of the wild claims of these guys with good reason.

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