Larry Flynt Gets Back To His Nightclub Roots

After having served both in the U.S. Army and in the Navy, Larry Flynt became an operator of nightclubs by 1970, where HUSTLER Magazine became a spin-off of his strip clubs. Now, with lower circulation of publications such as HUSTLER due to the recession, the availability of porn on the net, and the coverall decline of print media, Larry Flynt is getting back to his roots.

Larry Flynt just opened one of the largest and best new strip clubs in Las Vegas. He has also opened a BARELY LEGAL themed club in New Orleans, as well as poker room business in California as well.

Flynt has always loved Vegas, and is known as one of the city’s biggest “high rollers” when he flys into town, sometimes gambling away close to $100,000 in one visit.

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  • Michael Laprarie

    “as well as poker room business in California as well”

    Paul, sometimes you do need to run your posts by the Dept. of Redundancy Dept.

    Otherwise, it’s interesting to see Jabba The Flynt still staying busy. He never gives up, does he?

  • Paul Hooson

    Hello, Michael. I always find Larry Flynt entertaining. He’s such an outrageous guy living his own dream despite his disability. And he’s a good American as well, having served in two military branches. Few guys who call themselves “patriotic” or “American” can claim the same.