Lee Harvey Oswald’s Pine Coffin Auction Update

The auction for the pine coffin that accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald was buried in, from November 25, 1963 until the body was exhumed in 1981, is now up to $15,000 in bids over at the Nate D. Sanders auction house website. This seems a little bit remarkable considering that the coffin doesn’t even look intact in some of the photos, more or less resembling a pile of broken wood in some pictures.

In 1981, Oswald’s wife, Marina won a court battle to have the body exhumed to satisfy a nutty theory that some Russian agent’s body was actually buried in place of Oswald. However, dental records proved her wrong. When the simple cheap pine casket fell apart, Oswald’s body was buried in another casket, and somehow the pine casket found it’s way to auction.

Incredibly gross to consider is how the decomposing body likely turned into a soup-like slush in the casket which probably got soaked in ground water and earthworms as well. If you can stand the smell, the casket would make a lovely Christmas gift. Or maybe, it would be great to serve Christmas dinner on. Bon appetite.

Maybe the coffin could be nailed back together and made into the worst soap box derby race car ever.

But in all seriousness, perhaps some museum wants this item to display. And don’t forget that those sections of the bloodstained seats from Kennedy’s Lincoln are also up for sale as well. Happy bidding. The auction ends on December 16 at 5:00pm.

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