Classic Cd Review: Frijid Pink: FRIJID PINK

In 1970, the U.S. company Parrot Records(Deram in Europe) brought out one of the loudest hard rock albums of all time from the Detroit area rock band Frijid Pink. The album spurred three loud singles including “Tell Me Why”, “Drivin’ Blues” and the loudest single version of “House Of The Rising Sun” ever recorded. The heavy single, “House Of The Rising Sun” made it up to #7 on the BILLBOARD Hot 100 charts. The album FRIJID PINK peaked at #11 on the American charts as well. The success of “House Of The Rising Sun” made kids want to rush out to buy this super-loud album either to enjoy or to annoy their parents with.

But, over the years this album became a long lost relic of 1970, until the German Cd company, Repertoire, decided to reissue the album on Cd with five bonus tracks. Besides the original peak volume level album, the singles “Heartbreak Hotel” and “Music For The People” are included. There is also the single edit version of “House Of The Rising Sun” as well mono single mixes of “Sing A Song For Freedom” and “End Of The Line” included. “Sing A Song For Freedom” had some appeal as a motorcycle culture single as well. But, none of the singles this band issued met with as much success of their wild interpretation of “House Of The Rising Sun”, which was so dark and loud both. It was a great, great song.

If you enjoyed this album as a teenage kid, now is the time to buy it again on cd to enjoy again. It’s great bit of loud hard rock rock history. The album FRIJID PINK belongs on the same cd shelf as your Blue Cheer cds. There is another cd version available of this album with just 2 bonus tracks, but I strongly recommend the German Repertoire issue of this album. It includes 5 bonus songs, and is beautifully translated over to the cd format with the highest of quality sound reproduction.

The Bottom Line: A welcome return for one of the great hard rock albums of all time. +++(Three stars, Good. Buy this album and love it).

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