Steve Urkel (Jaleel White) Makes A Crappy Little Comeback

As Steve Urkel, young actor Jaleel White was one of the greatest comic talents ever seen on the small screen. But, as he aged the act seemed to get a little long in the tooth with many fans and a switch of networks to CBS spelled the eventual death of the popular ABC show FAMILY MATTERS. Now, at age 34, Jaleel White is the closest thing to a brand name actor that the low budget film company, The Asylum, can find to fill the top billing role in MEGA SHARK Vs. CROCOSAURUS.

Jaleel White is top billed as Dr. McCormick in this low budget giant monster disaster film set to be released on December 21, 2010. Usually the films by The Asylum go direct to DVD because they simply lack either the budget of distribution of a big brand of horror films like Lions Gate Entertainment has. But that hasn’t prevented the smaller horror film brand from having some degree of success. In 2005, Blockbuster actually 100,000 copies of H.G. WELLS’ WAR OF THE WORLDS which many persons mistakingly rented or purchased instead of the far superior film by Steven Spielberg with a similar title. In fact, The Asylum has been pretty good at making films that often ripoff both the premise and titles of major films as close as they can without a court battle ensuing.

For my money, I usually find many of the films from The Asylum to be rather unfulfilling and too low budget for my tastes. But, this company has it’s fans. And is rapidly building a cult following of loyal consumers. But, don’t expect MEGA SHARK Vs. CROCOSAURUS to make Jaleel White a top entity once again. But, it’s fresh start at the bottom of the heap for the actor, who has found only small roles since his heyday as Steve Urkel.

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  • Michael Laprarie

    I think they call these movies “mockbusters” or “knockbusters”.

  • i find a lot to be excited about here: giant sharks, giant crocs, and a new career vein for jaleel white to mine. and as far as low-budget, the Asylum gets better with each picture, give em a little room to grow, you’ll see.
    COMMITTED – an asylum blog