Kate Gosselin Is NOT a Happy Camper on Sarah Palin’s Alaska (Video)

Kate Gosselin of Kate Plus Eight fame took her brood to Alaska to go camping with Sarah Palin and her family for this week’s episode of Sarah Palin’s Alaska. I’m sure the execs at TLC thought that would be a brilliant move, but from the looks of it Kate Gosselin is NOT a happy camper camping in the Alaskan wilderness. You can she the preview video below.

Sarah Palins Alaska

So the executives at TLC sent Kate Gosselin and her eight children up to Alaska to go camping with Sarah Palin for an episode of the hit reality series Sarah Palin’s Alaska. Seems simple enough and a pairing of their two biggest shows would make for a mega-show. Right? Well, probably right because talk about a fish out of water. Its bound to draw a large audience just to see how these two opposites handle being together not to mention to see Kate Gosselin cry.

From the looks of it, Kate Gosselin is whining more than the kids. She’s cold, she’s hungry and as she says, she’s never been camping for real before. Yeah, that’s pretty obvious.

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Sarah Palin seems to be taking it all in stride, protecting them all from bears and other wild beasts that might be lurking in the wild.

Of Kate Gosselin’s obvious unhappiness with her camping experience? Palin says, ‘C’mon, it wasn’t that bad.’

Willow Palin on Sarah Palin’s Alaska

Watch the video clip below. The show airs December 5, 2010 on TLC at 9/8.

UPDATE: The show airs on December 12th.

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  • It’s difficult to view Kate as the camping type. But to most viewers, it is humorous to see a person that is not savvy with camping going and doing just that. Thank you for the post.