Just In Time For The Holidays, Higher Ice Cream Prices

Significant increases in the prices of ingredients to make quality ice creams are resulting in price increases for many products by Nestle, Dreyer’s and Haagen-Dazs. So far, no word whether the main competitor of Nestle, Ben & Jerry’s will follow suit. But, currently dairy prices are at 10 year highs. Cocoa and fuel are also up as well. Some of products are going up a full dollar on the shelf to consumers. Whether there will be a consumer backlash remains a question to be answered.

Despite the ongoing recession, which appears to be only easing in recent days with some better news this week from some key economic segments, some grocery products have been undergoing either price increases or downsizing of some products to cover higher costs.

It looks like unhappy holidays to some consumers with news of fresh price increases on some popular products.

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