Brothers Of The Third Wheel Motorcycle Club Brings Together Trikers Worldwide

A specialized motorcycle club, Brothers Of The Third Wheel, brings together motorcycle enthusiasts with trikes world wide. Many of the trikes are painstaking constructed customs built from Harleys or other big engined bikes, built into awesome and pricey three wheeled customs. The motorcycle club has nearly 6,000 members worldwide and has it’s own newsletter, ride events and cruise-ins, as well as merchandise line. Being comprised of three wheeled motorcycles makes this organization much smaller than many motorcycle clubs. However, it’s an elite organization of owners of beautiful road machines.

Many of the trike motorcycles of club members have been featured in magazines before such as TRIKE and have taken top awards at events for beautiful designs. Trikes usually don’t come very cheap at all, it’s somewhat of a rich man’s hobby, but they’re rolling art and the ultimate in wild custom vehicles.

Trikes have come a long way from the old police trikes or the ice cream man trikes. Back in the 1960’s custom hot rod designer, Ed “Big Daddy” Roth began to build a number of wild custom trikes which made him the darling of a whole new genre of fans. However, Revell Models which had Roth under contract was very unhappy at his association with some motorcycle clubs such as the Hells Angels, and terminated his contract. And a motorcycle magazine published by Roth eventually folded as well. Roth strangely became a Mormon in his later years, looking for new associations of the spiritual kind. Yet, he forever remains as the godfather of the custom trike among motorcycle enthusiasts.

The Brothers Of The Third Wheel are the largest motorcycle club in the world solely devoted to the trike type motorcycle. If you can afford a trike and the $22 a year membership, this motorcycle club just might let you join.

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