Todd Palin on Dancing With The Stars?

Todd Palin - Next DWTS Star?

Will Todd Palin be on the next season of Dancing With The Stars?  It appears that since Bristol Palin was such a ratings draw for DWTS this past season, that the producers want to sign up another Palin.   Of course there will be no confirmation or denial of the rumors until the final lineup for the next season is officially announced – and that’ll be awhile.  Plenty of time to increase speculation.  What do you think?  Will Todd Palin – aka “The First Dude” – bring in viewers like Bristol did?

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  • Anonymous

    BBC Worldwide, if they could, would have every member of that family on over the next several seasons, including the toddlers if they could figure out to do it, definitely including Sarah, just as long as they kept getting good ratings. And ABC would be just fine with it, as long as they kept getting good ratings. Viewers and voters are money, and Beeb Worldwide and Disney are making a lot more of it from that show than any of the contestants. And good on them.