Tammy Banovac TSA Pat-Down Protest in Bra and Panties (Video)

An Oklahoma City surgeon named Tammy Banovac staged a TSA pat-down protest in her bra and panties and she looked pretty good doing it. The 52-year-old retired surgeon went through airport security in her bra and panties and it was, of course, caught on video. The video is below.

Tammy Banovac

TSA agents searched Tammy Banovac for over an hour, resulting in her missing her flight to Phoenix. You might wonder why it would take them that long to search a woman wearing nothing more than a bra and panties. Well, get your mind out of the gutter! They say they found nitrate residue on her body. That could be a result of medication or hunting or the TSA agents pulling a power trip because they are sick to death of these protests. Not saying that’s the case. Just saying it could be.

It happened at Oklahoma City’s Will Rogers World Airport. Banovac, who is in a wheelchair, was styling in full make-up, black bra and panties. She came into the airport with a trench-coat on and stripped down to her underwear for the search.

After missing her flight on Tuesday she came back to the airport on Wednesday, again in her bra and panties, but put on a shirt and pants once she got through security and made her flight.

Even though she looks a little like a mannequin in some of the shots, you have to admit she looks pretty good in those itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny undies for a 52-year-old.

You can see the video of the Tammy Banovac TSA pat-down protest below.

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