Lee Harvey Oswald’s Pine Coffin Up For Auction

File this under major league WTF! But, Lee Harvey Oswald’s original pine coffin is up for auction by Nate D. Sanders auctions as a collector’s item. Normally, the auction firm deals in sports and other more mainstream collector’s items, so a coffin from the accused assassin of very popular President John F. Kennedy is indeed a very strange item to pass through the doors of this company.

The simple original pine coffin was used to bury the body of Oswald back on November 25,1963. However, Oswald’s wife, Marina held on to some bizarre theory for years that a Russian double agent was actually buried in the coffin and finally won an exhumation order in 1981 to have the body exhumed and dental records checked. However, the body was discovered to be that indeed of Oswald and not some Russian spy, so the body was reburied in a new coffin and the original pine coffin was left around for some odd reason. Now, this strange artifact becomes a collector’s item with the current bid up to $6,727.

A few terrible facts to consider here is that this simple pine coffin probably smells just awful because rotting human remains probably dissolved into a slush in it. The box also might well have gotten wet from ground water soaking it, and maybe some worms made a home in it as well. It’s probably absolutely lovely to behold.

Another strange item that’s up for sale by this auction house is a section of that Lincoln limousine seat that Kennedy was sitting on for sale for $14,800 that’s splattered with the blood from President Kennedy after the two bullets ripped into his neck and the back of his head sending brain matter and blood flying all over car and the shocked first lady. What a wonderful item. And, for less than $15k!

BTW, happy lunchtime.

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