You Make The Call: Wacky Dictator Or Former Baseball Player

Ok, this is a tricky one here. Actually, Fidel Castro is a little bit of both. Not only was he the iron-handed dictator of Cuba since his 1959 revolution, who only retired his position in recent years to yet another dictator to continue the oppression of his own countrymen, but he was a former baseball player as well. Some rumors persist that he was actually scouted by some American baseball teams at one time.

Despite a Catholic education and a law practice, this rotten bastard’s taste for violence only linked him to assassinations and other violent acts, both inside Cuba and abroad in South America, luring him far from his roots as a pretty fair baseball player as a young fellow.

Besides imprisoning his political opponents, Castro has proven himself quite good at smoking Cuban cigars and growing a beard. Thanks for playing.

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