Watch Out L.A., Lindsay Lohan Could Be Back On The Road Soon

Lindsay Lohan, who is still in court ordered rehab, has at least got one thing back – no we’re not talking about a semblance of a career.  According to TMZ (via Yeeeah!), she almost hit the road again:

[T]he L.A. County Probation Department — along with the DMV — have given Lindsay the green light to drive again. And Betty Ford was down with it as well.

But sources involved in the decision tell TMZ … just when Lindsay was supposed the get the keys, Betty Ford decided it was too much of a safety risk to put Lindsay behind the wheel, because the paparazzi were creating an unsafe driving situation.

Oh noes!!! Those damn paparazzi keeping poor Lilo from playing bumper cars in Hollywood!

Actually this is probably a good thing. A little more sobriety is probably in order before the scatter-brained star starts mowing them down on the sidewalks of L.A.

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