Susan Boyle: The View Performance Stopped in Mid-Song (Video)

Susan Boyle appeared on ‘The View’ Monday morning and stopped her performance in mid-song. She was singing ‘O Holy Night’ when she just stopped singing. You can see the video below.

Susan Boyle

It was a cringe-worthy moment on ‘The View’ when Susan Boyle was performing ‘O Holy Night’ and just stopped mid-song. The Scottish singer has been thrust into the entertainment world after she took the world by storm with an unexpected X-Factor performance. At times she seems a little out of her depth.

She was singing ‘O Holy Night’ on ‘The View’ when her voice cracked and some say they think they heard her burp. She attempted to keep singing and then just stopped after a few more bars.

Boyle apologized, stammered a few seconds and then just stopped the performance.

‘The View’ co-host Sherry Shepherd came to her rescue by quickly getting on stage to comfort Boyle while the audience applauded her effort. Shepherd said, ‘That was beautiful!’ while Boyle attempted to apologize but seemed completely tongue tied. Shepherd laughed it off and said, ‘You had a frog in your throat!’

The videos of the Susan Boyle ‘The View’ performance are below. I feel really bad for her. I can’t imagine how embarrassing that would be.

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