CD Review: Buddy Guy: LIVING PROOF

At age 74, blues legend Buddy Guy sure doesn’t have to prove to anyone whether he knows his way around the blues. He’s the real deal. And his latest release is just more LIVING PROOF of it. It’s yet another knockout blues classic with some of the hottest guitar riffs since the heyday of Jimi Hendrix.

The lead-off track, “74 Years Young” is another Buddy Guy classic for sure. Based on lengthy conversations with Buddy Guy, Tom Hambridge wrote most of the songs as biographical statements about the singers life. And the result is a great wealth of new material where guitar legends B.B. King and Carlos Santana both loan a hand as well to a couple of songs.

As blues legends age and die out, Buddy Guy picks up the mantle as one of the very best of the surviving bluesmen to still produce albums. And he can do that without flaw. He’s one of the greats for sure. A true living legend. This album is indeed LIVING PROOF.

The Bottom Line: Another great album by this awesome bluesman. Packaged like a fine whiskey, this album is the real deal blues. You need to buy this album. +++ 1/2(Three and a half stars, very good, or such one eyelash shy of excellent. A true milestone album in the career of the great Buddy Guy).

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  • epador

    I agree with this review, ‘cept about the part about a fine whiskey. Maybe a single malt from a smaller distillery near Dufftown…

  • Paul Hooson

    Glad to see that we both agree on fine blues music, Doc. This is one fine album here. And, I appreciate your malt analogy as well. Seems right to me.