Hot Times At The Old Heidi Fleiss House

Former “Hollywood Madam” Heidi Fleiss had a house-fire in her Nevada home, but escaped uninjured. The 44 year old Fleiss once created a huge 1990’s Hollywood scandal that touched popular actors such as Charlie Sheen. Fleiss once served three years in federal prison on tax evasion charges for her role in the prostitution business that catered to wealthy Hollywood celebrities and other high rollers.

Apparently, Fleiss was using her fireplace, but failed to install a spark arrester, which likely caused the fire. The home was mostly destroyed by the intense fire.

Since her release from prison, Fleiss relocated to Nevada and started a failed brothel business that was supposed to cater to female customers (as if women just can’t find any men willing to sleep with them and have to pay men to do that chore). Fleiss then opened a laundromat called Dirty Laundry and also a pet-grooming business (yeah, I want my cat pimped out big time).

But, The Dirty Dog had also run into a few legal problems for Fleiss. It appears that the business partner that Fleiss had, former adult film star, Kendra Jade Ross, was involved in a messy divorce from her husband, and the pet grooming business was a disputed asset in the divorce proceedings.

Gee, being a former madam sure doesn’t get any easier these days it seems.

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