Cd Review: Ozzy Osbourne: SCREAM

The prince of commercial darkness is back. SCREAM is Ozzy’s first studio album in three and a half years, and seems well enough worth the wait. It spurred two singles, “Let Me Hear You Scream” and “life Won’t Wait”, and continues the hard rocking solo career for the legendary former Black Sabbath frontman.

Although, the album actually was released a few months ago, it was at first overlooked by me because of a few more important releases as well as my housefire drama. However, the album did make it as high as #4 on the U.S. charts, proving that Ozzy Osbourne isn’t really a has been act after all, and can still attract a huge audience response for any new cd release. That’s good, because he has one of the best voices in rock music history, and remains one of the greatest hard rock singers of all time. He’s a terrific talent.

SCREAM is another important milestone in this singer’s career. It was produced by Ozzy and by Kevin Churko, and the team co-wrote the songs on the album together. It was mostly recorded at the Osbourne family home studio, “The Bunker”. The album features the new guitarist, Gus G., a veteran of other heavy metal acts. Other backing musicians are veterans of Alice Cooper and other top acts.

The Bottom Line: How can you not enjoy a new album by the prince of commercial darkness? Have you no respect for the elderly? +++(Three stars, or good enough to suit me. Buy this album. Hey, this 61 year old rocker is still one cool dude, and still rocks hard).

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