Wacky & Unusual Christmas Gifts

Nose Pencil Sharpener - Just put the pencil in the right nostril and TWIST!

Each day between now and the weekend before Christmas we will highlight wacky and/or unusual Christmas gifts.  If you’re looking for that special gift that will get a definite reaction from the recipient, check here each day!

Today’s WUG (Wacky Unusual Gift) is the nose pencil sharpener.  Come on, nostril size and pencil size are similar – and the idea has at least crossed your mind that putting the two together might be interesting.  What child HASN’T tried it?  This will appeal to the business person who wants a little “umph” on his/her desk – or the the student (of any age).  It’s the gift that says, “Hey, I’m not your typical dull lawyer (doctor, student, mom, dad, secretary, etc.)!”

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