Barely (Freeway) Legal: Your Basic $5,475 90mpg Trike Automobile!

Because the Chinese-built Kandi Viper Trike Bike KD SR 250 has just three wheels and a 250cc engine with an automatic CVT transmission, it doesn’t have to qualify as an automobile under stricter U.S. DOT laws. This disguise actually makes it the cheapest U.S. automobile sold, and also one of the highest mileage vehicles as well at nearly 90mpg. With a top speed in excess of 58mph, this trike is just barely freeway legal as well.

You can license this as a motorcycle, but whether you need to wear a helmet might be more a local law issue. At just $5475 this has to be one of the cheapest cars on the road, yet offers automobile-like ride and security. It’s a little bit like those late 60’s dune buggies made from VW’s of old.

The Chinese are pretty expert at building long running and durable motor scooter type engines, even Honda buys some of their motor scooter engines from the Chinese because they do it so well. So the drivetrain ought to be fairly durable on this one and last for a few miles.

Online retailer, is a Better Business Bureau member in good standing, so any purchase from them ought to be good as gold as well. If you need a cheap set of wheels with all of the fun of those old dune buggies, then you should check this one out at the website.

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