Nissan Leaf Gets The Equivalent of 99mpg!

The new 2011 Nissan Leaf, an all-electric car, gets the equivalent of 99mpg, making it the most environmentally friendly and energy efficient car built. It even features seats made from recycled material as well. While the $32,780 price tag may seem a little steep, Obama-era government tax credits will actually reduce that price to just $25,280 which makes the car a very good deal.

Being all-electric, the car has no exhaust pipe, and dumps no pollution into the air. It’s a totally clean and quiet running car. Modern battery technology gives the Leaf an average 100 mile range per charge, however the top speed is only 56.7mph, which makes the leaf mostly a city car only. You’ll also be a member of the slow poke lane club. The car is totally unsuitable for any cross country trip due to the more limited range. It’s highway speed capable, but just barely.

Normally, electric engines tend to be quite torquey, with excellent pickup, but with such a low top speed, many motorcycles seem like a much faster and economical alternative to this higher priced vehicle with nearly as good of fuel economy. But, bikes are largely a good weather vehicle, and not really year round vehicles like the Leaf.

The Leaf has it’s place. It’s actually a great product in so many ways. And it may make you feel real good about leaving behind such a small environmental footprint if like those strokes. And to many people, that’s a real good thing these days.

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  • Efpr

    The top speed of the Leaf is 90 mph. Have you driven it?