Cd Review: The Doors LIVE IN VANCOUVER 1970

Although, many true fans of The Doors probably might own a bootleg or two of some of the performances from this June 6, 1970 show from Vancouver, this new Rhino release of this 40 year old show is still real worthy of owning. Oh, sure the sound still sounds a little bit like a bootleg, even with the best of Rhino engineering work. But, heck this was a great show that night. A real magic evening with blues legend Albert King doing four songs onstage with The Doors that night. And Morrison, while always the outrageous one, seemed on his best behavior that night. Less obscenities or lewd behavior than some shows. The Doors were “on” big time night. This recording is proof positive of that fact.

Unlike some bootlegs that don’t offer too much of the show, the Rhino package is a two disc package with plenty to listen to. It’s a great Christmas gift from The Doors. It’s the band’s yearly tradition to offer a great new cd package right around the holidays for the fans.

The performances were quite good here. This is a great Doors album by all means.

The Bottom Line: A perfectly good Doors album. Jim Morrison and the band were great that night. When The Doors are dead on, they’re dead on. +++(Good. Three stars. For heaven’s sake buy this album. The Doors are one of the king’s of classic rock.).

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