You Owe Yourself This Major League Totally Bitchin’ Trike!

Hey, don’t be a Scrooge McCheapass this holiday season. For a mere $38, 659.00 you can use the “Buy It Now” feature on Ebay to own this way cool custom built Subaru “pancake” four powered chopper trike. You don’t even have to learn to operate a motorcycle clutch because this trike’s got an automatic transmission as well. And just look how low above the ground you ride. This is one low rider!

The builder claims that it looks like a “widow maker”, but don’t be fooled they say, it’s actually “tame enough” for “first time lady riders” to master with only a little practice. But, it’s certainly one woolly and wild machine.

Better ask Santa to buy you this wild toy for Christmas. Christmas can be major league bitchin’ this year with this trike under your tree. Jay Leno doesn’t need to own every super bike. You deserve one too! You’ve been very good this year.

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